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We are with you and everyone that is doing their part to flatten the curve and help each other through this difficult time. Durning school shut downs, It is so important that students don't fall behind or lose interest in learning: especially STEM. STEM students will be the solvers of these big problems we face in the future.

We are ready with comprehensive robotic kits for at home learners grades K-12. Our curriculum is online and available for students to use on any device - whether at school or home. These kits help engage students with hands-on STEM and there are many hours of coding activities with each. 

Virtual STEM Class from Home

Teachers can offer a virtual robotics class during a 1 hour schedule to engage students in coding and STEM lessons from home. Students participate in self-paced online Integrated STEM lessons. Packages of robots and materials can be sent home with students (or shipped). 

Teachers and students can receive Free access to online STEM courses and discounts on our robots while schools are closed for COVID-19.  Parents who are taking on teaching roles outside of a classroom will also find discounted Home School packages to purchase separately. 

How it Works

  • Student STEM Lab Stations (Plastic storage boxes with a robot, math tools, writing and art materials) go home with students.
  • Teachers assign activities and students complete challenges each day.
  • Students access online lessons with step-by-step instructions and videos, complete the activities, fill out Google docs worksheets, and demonstrate their robot completing the challenge to teachers either with photos or videos. 
  • Math and Science are applied during the hands-on activities.
  • Technical support is provided for teachers via email, phone, and video conference.

STEM Lab in Circles

Top 10 FAQs: What to Know About Exploring Robotics Online Courses

  1. Each curricula has 40+ hours of online lessons accessible from any device, and include coding, science, math, and engineering.
  2. Teachers can assign 15 to 30 minute activities for students to complete each day. 
  3. There are tutorials with step-by-step instructions and videos built into the lessons, to provide self-paced learning for students.
  4. A device (tablet, chromebook, or laptop) is needed for students to access the lessons and the Apps for coding. 
  5. Most lessons require a robot to try out the coding. Schools can loan robots to students, or students can purchase separately.
  6. Worksheets are included as Google docs and are easy for students to fill in and turn in to teachers.
  7. Teachers will receive an access code for themselves and one for all their students to activate their accounts. We can set up login accounts for you, or you can use school email addresses to set them up. 
  8. Getting started guides are included, and we can also schedule professional learning sessions via Zoom video conference. 
  9. Teachers will send students a web link and access code - there is no login required to other systems. 
  10. The online site does not track student data. Teachers will keep separate grade books and students send in worksheets, reports or create videos of completed challenges to demonstrate completion.

Please fill out this form to request this offer (teachers or administrators).

Webinars and PD

We offer webinars and PD via Zoom video conference for educators in 1 to 2 hr sessions. Topics include:

  • How to use Exploring Robotics courses in a remote learning environment,
  • How to teach STEM online,
  • Teaching coding and STEM with robots,
  • Teaching integrated STEM and PBL,
  • Teaching NGSS engineering with robots.


2019 pathway exploring roboticsSTEM Packages are in Stock 

We have these robots available for shipping:


Learn More about our K-12 STEM Coding with Robots Pathway.    

Summer STEM Camps

Help students catch up on math and science concepts they missed during the Spring. Let us help plan your summer camp with fun robots and drones, CS/STEM packages and PD for educators.  PD facilitators will help teachers adjust the lesson plans to fit summer camp schedules.

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