Scribbler S3 Robot

Teach Programming, Engineering, Math, and Science with Scribbler Robot


The pre-assembled Scribbler S3 robot is suitable for introducing programming  with the Graphical User Interface (S3 GUI) tile-based programming tools which look like puzzle pieces.  For advanced students, it can also be programmed with Python, PropBASIC and C language.

  • Fun - Follow lines, Draw shapes, Navigate a room or a maze, Roam toward light, Flash lights, Play music, Dance, Immitate an ambulance, Send Morse Code, and much more!
  • Beginner-friendly - No programming or robotics experience needed
  • Understandable - Included text provides easy-to-follow tutorials.  Curriculum includes videos and step by step instructions.
  • Programmable - Graphic Programming Language looks like puzzle pieces, is easy to learn, and introduces concepts found in most programming languages.
  • Connectable - USB cable to connect to PC for programming, then disconnect for autonomous roaming and other activities.
  • Autonomous - Touch, light and infrared sensors let the robot navigate on its own.
  • Durable - Thick, brushed-aluminum chassis, rugged plastic case, and servo motors will last for many years. Rugged wheels and continuous rotation servo motors for accurate control.
  • Communicable - LED lights,  speaker, phototransistors, and infrared emitter/receiver pairs provide fun methods of sending and receiving feedback.
  • Battery Powered - LiPo Battery (recharges with USB power)
  • Sensible - 3 light sensors, 2 obstacle avoidance sensors, 2 line following sensors



 S3Prototype 500x500

S3 boxScribbler Robot Package


 - by teachers, students, and parents

  • for ages 12 and up,
  • for girlscouts and clubs,
  • for robotics clubs,
  • for applying STEM, science, and common core math concepts,
  • for teaching Python, C, and other computer languages,
  • for reaching technology literacy (STL) benchmarks,
  • for Career Tech Ed -  stimulate interest in STEM,  Information Technology, Engineering,
  • for SKILLS USA - stimulate interest in Information Technology, Mechatronics, and Engineering

Key Features:

  • 8 pre-programmed play modes - Just add batteries and you are ready to starting using the robot's sensors and capabilities including object detection, avoid objects, line sensing, draw an image, sense light, etc.
  • Driven by the P8X32A Propeller microcontroller with eight processing cogs
  • Bi-color LEDs - Provide visual feedback, show program modes, indicate line following guides
  • Includes two independent DC wheel motors (with stall sensors) and wheel encoders - Allows for precise maneuvering, maze navigation and distance control
  • Integrated pen port - Draw anything you can imagine, letters, numbers, pictures, etc.
  • Integrated speaker - Play tunes, add sounds feedback, phone dial, play songs, etc.
  • Integrated hacker port - for connection to external sensors, RF devices and servos.
  • Power requirements: LiPo Battery (recharges with USB power).
  • System Requirements: Windows (XP/Vista/7) and internet access to download the software.
  • Communication: Serial programming interface to PC
  • Dimensions: 7.4 x 6.25 x 3.2 in (188 x 158.8 x 81 mm)
  • Operating temp range: +50 to +104 °F  (+10 to +40 °C)

scribbler with code

Videos of Scribbler in Action:

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