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Maker Space

Maker Space

Fun robot packages and kits with curriculum for Makerspaces in Libraries, after school programs, and clubs.  Packages for small groups of 5 to 15 students.  Not sure what will work for program? Just fill out the request a quote form and let us help!  When you tell us the grade levels and number of students per grade, and what else you have in the makerspace, we can create a few options for you to choose from.

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0 Request a Quote
Fill out this simple form to request a quote for a purchase order.  We can customize a package ..
Cubelets Single Bundle - Cubes with Curriculum
Cubelets Single Bundle Curiosity Set with Curriculum for Grades K-5 for teacher trial or H..
$499.00 $375.00
3D Printer Filament 5 Pack
3D Printer Filament 5 Pack - 1 Roll of each these colors: White, Black, Yellow, Purple, Red PLA..
3D Printer Filament Class 4 Pack
3D Printer Filament Class 4 Pack (for 4 to 16 students) - 4 rolls of each these colors: White, B..
Airblock Drone
A single drone with battery and charger included. Also includes components to convert to a hovercraf..
$195.00 $99.00
Airblock Drone  Single Bundle - Starter Kit with Curriculum
Airblock Drone with Curriculum for Grades 6-9 at 25% discount - great for Teacher Trial or Home..
$349.00 $260.00
Airblock Drone Club 4 Pack
Set of 4 Airblock drones with batteries and chargers included, and also includes components to conve..
$880.00 $396.00
BOE Shield-Bot Robot Kit - Bundle of 5 Robots
Bundle of 5 BOE Shield-Bot Robots.  Our very popular Robotics Shield Kit is a complete package..
Boe-Bot Engineering Kit 5 Pack Bundle
Boe Bot Engineering Expansion Kit for After School or Robot Club - 5 Kits.  Includes 5 Bo..
Boe-Bot Robot Kit USB - Club Pack 5 Robots
Club Package: 5 Boe-Bot Robots with 5 Accessory Packs.  The Boe-Bot Robot is built on a high-q..
Codey Rocky Single Bundle - Starter Kit with Curriculum
Codey Rocky with Curriculum for grades 3-7, at 25% discount for Homeschool and Teacher trials. Code..
$349.00 $260.00
Cubelets® Brilliant Builder Pack
Assembled for eager inventors, the Brilliant Builder Pack includes 19 SENSE, THINK, and ACT Cubelets..
Cubelets® Discovery Set
Cubelets® are the world's first robot blocks. Make, create, and reinvent your own robot construction..
Dash and Dot Class 6 Pack
Dash and Dot Classroom 6 Pack (for 6 to 18 Students Grades K-5) Teach STEAM topics with these incre..
GrovePi Maker 5 Pack
GrovePi Starter Club 5 Pack - (for 5 to 15 students Grades 6-9). Grove Pi Starter kits with hardware..

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