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Cubelets Single Bundle - Cubes with Curriculum

Cubelets Single Bundle - Cubes with Curriculum
Cubelets Single Bundle - Cubes with Curriculum Cubelets Single Bundle - Cubes with Curriculum Cubelets Single Bundle - Cubes with Curriculum Cubelets Single Bundle - Cubes with Curriculum
Brand: Modular Robotics
Product Code: ER-Cube-Home
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Cubelets Single Bundle Curiosity Set with Curriculum for Grades K-5 for teacher trial or Home Schools. Includes online Curriculum Individual License for 1 year.  The lessons are fun and make it easy for students to learn STEAM topics. Includes access to online lessons, lesson plans, and printed teacher book.

Online lessons for a teacher to use in classrooms, home school, makerspaces, or after school clubs.  Takes students through challenges where they build a robot to solve a problem and then draw the robot they built and describe how it solved the challenge. Integrates NGSS engineering design and physical science standards, as well as math and ELA.  Students begin to think like engineers, scientists, and programmers - to problem solve and use critical thinking. More than 30 lessons of 20 minutes each. 

The Cubelets Curiosity Set expands your robot building horizons with 10 SENSE, THINK, and ACT Cubelets, as well as the Bluetooth® Hat.Includes 10 Cubelets:
1 each of Battery, Brightness, Flashlight, Inverse, Passive, and Rotate Cubelets.
2 each of Distance and Drive Cubelets. 
Plus:1 Bluetooth Hat, 2 Brick Adapters, and 1 Charging Cable.Cubelets® Bluetooth® Hat

We recommend adding: 1 additional Battery Cube, 1 Knob Cube, and 1 Bar Graph Cube to complete the lessons in the curriculum. If your child likes Lego's, add some additional brick adapters so they can add motion to their lego creations.

The Bluetooth Hat is a new piece for your Cubelets® Collection. Cap your robot constructions with the Bluetooth Hat to quickly and easily pair with any Bluetooth-enabled wireless device. Discover thousands of robot-building possibilities with the Bluetooth Hat and the Cubelets companion app, available on iOS, Android, and FireOS.

This set contains Cubelets that can be snapped together to make an endless variety of robots with no programming and no wires. Anyone can build robots that drive around on a tabletop, respond to light and other objects, and have surprisingly lifelike behavior. Instead of programming that behavior, you snap the Cubelets together and watch the behavior emerge like with a flock of birds or a swarm of bees. Each Cubelet has a tiny computer inside of it and is a robot in its own right. When you put Cubelets together, you're actually making a robot out of several smaller robots. Each Cubelet communicates with its neighbors, so you know that if two blocks are next to each other, they're talking.

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