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Ozobot EVO with Curriculum for Homeschool and Teacher trials, grades 4-8, at 25% discount. The lessons are fun and make it easy for students to learn STEAM topics.


  • 1 Ozobot EVO Robot package with markers 
  • 1 Exploring Robotics Printed Curriculum Guide and 1 Year license to access online lessons
  • 1 Storage box with Bowling Pins Kit, printed challenges, accessories, STEM Math, Measuring, and Art materials required to complete the Curriculum Activities.

ozobot evo kidsplaying2Measuring slightly over an inch in diameter and height, Ozobot Evo is one of the world's most compact smart robots of its kind.

The Exploring Robotics and Ozobot Online Curriculum with more than 30 hours of activities makes it easy to:

  • Use plain white paper, markers and add creativity. Draw lines and add color codes then watch Ozobot read & react to your commands! 
  • Use a fun robot to enhance maps in history and geography, stories in language arts, word problems in math, and add logic and engineering concepts to art and music lessons. 
  • Challenge students with math, statistics, and competitive games, or choreograph custom dances.
  • Use coding to enhance critical thinking, problem solving, science, math, art, and more!
  • Use tablets or smart phone Apps with touch and graphic interfaces to control the robot.
  • Adapt lessons to different age groups, and expand for teaching additional STEAM concepts.
  • Teach coding concepts with Blockly code, starting with simple commands and gradually progressing to more complex ones.

Ozobot uses twin micro-motors and a friction drivetrain design to deliver a remarkably quiet and precise movement. The sensor array on the bottom of the robot allows it to scan its environment. Ozobot Evo can see colors, follow lines, detect objects, make sounds, flash colors, and detect intersections. And it does it as flawlessly on shapes you draw with regular markers on a piece of paper as it does on the digital screen of your tablet. As Ozobot navigates its environment, plays games and reads codes, the LEDs on its main board always provide colorful feedback. Ozobot loves to keep you engaged by communicating back to you.

Ozobot Evo's built-in LiPo battery is quickly rechargeable via a micro-USB port and delivers over an hour of continuous action on a single charge.

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Exploring Coding with Ozobot Evo Curriculum Bundle

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  • $299.00

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