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Learn to fly a drone and control a hovercraft with this kit.  Airblock Drone with Curriculum for Grades 6-9 at 25% discount - great for Teacher Trial or Homeschool.  This is a great course for learning how to fly a drone, drone safety and what it takes to get a drone license  prior to using the more expensive drones.

Exploring Coding and Aeronautics with AirBlock Curriculum Bundle includes:

    • Exploring Robotics Online Curriculum 1 YR License/Access with 20+ hours of online lessons
    • 1 printed Exploring Robotics with AirBlock Teacher Guide book 
    • 1 AirBlock Drone Hardware Kit,
    • 1 Spare re-chargeable Battery,
    • 1 box of STEM Math, Measuring, and Art materials required to complete the Curriculum Activities.

Language: Block based for (iOS/Android) Tablets.
Required Devices (not included): iPad 3+ or Android Tablets

This single package is great for teachers to try out the kit before buying for a class, or for makerspaces, clubs, home school or self study students.  The online curriculum (with a printed book for teachers) includes lessons with videos on using the drone and hovercraft for grades 6-9. A single drone with battery and charger is included. Also includes components to convert to a hovercraft in the same kit.  

Includes a one year individual site license for one teacher. Curriculum is online self-paced learning with videos, worksheets, step-by-step instructions, and is aligned to NGSS, CSTA, Math, and ELA standards.  Includes access to online lessons, resources, and Teacher Guide book, over 20 hours of online lessons with 15-30 min activities, videos, step by step instructions, worksheets, handouts, enrichment exercises.

airblockbannerAirblock Drone control with tablet 4

The modular airblock is amazing. Not only can this kit be assembled as a Drone, but it can also be assembled as a Hovercraft. The multiple configurations that can be made are magnetically snapped together in seconds to create both aerodynamic and hydrodynamic science experiments. The Drone is made of a rugged type of Styrofoam with the mechanical parts tucked safely inside. The six modular parts snap together with magnets, meaning it can be reconfigured easily in just a few seconds. When it hits a wall, it just bounces. If it falls, it can easily be snapped back together. Students are excited to use it, and teachers are excited by all the science topics they can teach with it. 

The battery is easy to take out and recharge with the included battery charger. (We strongly recommend adding a spare battery as the charge only lasts for about 6 to 10 minutes of flight time). 

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Exploring Aeronautics with AirBlock Drone Curriculum Bundle

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