Current version  Ozobot Bit

     Size and weight of robot  1 inch x 1 inch x 1 inch ; ½ ounce

     Types of sensors  optical



     Single Ozobot size and weight:  4 inches x 4 inches x 5 inches

     Dual Ozobot size and weight:  4 inches x 7 inches x 5 inches



    Battery type:  Lithium ion

    Charging method:  USB

    Charging parts: USB cable (included)  Yes

    Charge lasts for _1.5__ hrs


Names of Apps:

    OS and Devices supported for Apps  Android and iOS and web browser


Programming Language: OzoBlocky Graphic Language (Similar to Scratch)

    OS and Devices supported for Programming  Android and iOS and web browser


Technical Requirements for Ozobots:
Ozobot apps are supported on select iOS (6.0 or newer*) and Android (3.2 or newer) devices. Search for Ozobot in the AppStore or Google Play on your device.

Programming Language:

OzoBlockly programming language is a website that will open and work on most tablets, Chrome Books, laptops, and desktops. The requirement is that the monitor brightness be enhanced to a very bright level. Most newer flat screen monitors will work. The Ozobot is held up to the monitor and the program code is flashed to it using light.


Apple tablets*:The Ozobot app is supported on all iPads except the 1st generation device (iOS 6.0 or newer).

*note for iPad mini users: While the app may download to the device, the screen size is too small for Ozobot to be able to consistently sense the scaled down lines and read the OzoCode commands. Because of this, we suggest that you do not download the Ozobot app on this device.

Android tablets: The main requirements for the Ozobot app to be available on your Android tablet are: screen size of 9” or bigger, camera availability and an operating system of 3.2 or higher. If your tablet does not have one of these features then you may not be able to download the Ozobot app.

OzoGroove is a universal iOS and Android app and it is supported on both smartphones and tablets. The camera and OS version requirements are similar to the Ozobot app.


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