Boe-Bot Engineering Expansion Kit 

STEM/CTE Curricullum and Add-On Kits for Parallax Boe-Bot Robot for Mechatronics, Robotics, Programming, and Engineering Programs for Grades 8-14

Engaging Robotics Curriculum and Kitsexpansion pack withbook

  • Teach additional engineering skills with Boe-Bot using more sensors, mechanical assemblies, electronics, programming challenges and competitions.
  • Take students to the next challenge level with engineering and programming activities where they have to find their own answers, use trial and error to solve problems, and document their work in an engineering notebook.
  • Engage students with the included more than 10·fun competitions.
  • Hands-on Assembly Kits include Crawler, Gripper, Ping ))) sonar, Line··Follower, ·Tank Treads,·Remote Control with IR sensor, and additional parts for Engineering Design and Build challenges.
  • Intermediate level for Grades 8 and up. Requires Boe-Bot Robot Kit. Assumes students have already completed assembly and programming of Boe-Bot.
  • Everything needed for success.- The combined package includes five kits, remote control, engineering challenge parts,  and convenient storage case with removable compartments housing each of the kits plus additional storage boxes for small parts.

Generate Interest in STEM Careers

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Comprehensive: Four to Six challenging activities for each kit with instruction and concept videos, worksheets, 3D assembly models, and enrichment challenges.
  • Expansive: Lessons for 30 to 50 hours. Teachers can either expand their Digital Electronics and Programming with Boe-Bot course to a full year or offer a second class.
  • Successful: Step by step instructioBoe Bot Engineer boxns in both video and print for assembly of kits and ·programming helps assure student success and prepares for challenges.
  • Challenging: Programming requires that students build on prior skills, and learn new skills on their own.· For the engineering challenge students design and build their own add-on arm and enclosure for Boe-Bot using supplied parts and add their own parts to meet specifications.·
  • Engaging: Competitions to show off skills learned. Each kit has one or two competitions included and students may design their own.
  • Rigorous Instruction: Additional videos to learn physics and engineering concepts and provide motivation for engineering challenges where students design and buld their own add-on components for Boe-Bot.
  • Accountability: Questions to answer and worksheets to turn in with program code for each activity.
  • Easy access:·Entire curriculum with lesson instructions, video, printable instruction guides, ·sample programs, and worksheets are accessed online from an easy to use menu system, nothing extra to install on computers. ·Students can turn in word processing work sheets with links to video for proof of completion. · Additional materials are provided online for instructors.

Boe-Bot Add-on Kits Included:

BB Crawler 30055 MCrawler: Give Boe-Bot® Robot insect crawling-like movement with this accessory kit with 6 legs that must be assembled. ·The Crawler runs on standard Boe-Bot source code with only minor adjustments for ground speed.· Easy to assemble and compatible with existing programs. Rubber feet for legs for protection of surfaces. ·Crawler can climb over obstacles where wheels cannot go.Lessons include assembly of the crawler legs, measuring and calculating distances moved, analyzing leg movement, defining ramps and angles of movement, and several fun competitions.See Video of Crawler in Action

pingboebotPing ))) Sonar: Give Boe-Bot® “Eyes” with the Ultrasonic Distance Sensor kit and the motor mount and bracket for the front of Boe-Bot. Perform measurements between moving or stationary objects at a distance using Sonar.· Use sonar to avoid walls and help Boe-Bot® run a maze, find objects and find other Boe-Bots. ·Can be combined with other kits for fun competitions.·Lessons include assembly of the ping sensor and motor mount bracket, learning about sonar used with bats and submarines, viewing objects detected in a radar map, defining object sizes that can be detected, calculating Polar and Cartesian coordinates to found objects, ·and several fun competitions.See video of Ping in Action

line followerLine Follower: This kit uses QTI infrared emitter/receiver modules to easily enhance the line-following capability of the Boe-Bot® robot. Mount three or four sensors underneath the Boe-Bot® chassis, and adjust the position to detect lines of different widths. ·Great for more advanced line following competitions where autonomous actions are required.Lessons include assembly of the line follower kit, learning how light sensors work, ·detecting color properties of objects, and several fun competitions.See video of Line Follower in action

tank treadsTank Treads: Turn Boe-Bot into a tank with this add-on kit. Remove the wheels and attach the gears and tread to give Boe-Bot robot the ability to traverse unfriendly terrain.Lessons include assembly of the tank tread kit, how the gears and chassis work, types of terrain, and several fun competitions.See Video of Tank Treads in Action

020 00001aRemote Control: Control Boe-Bot® movements with a hand held remote.· Customize the buttons to control other devices. Learn about IR sensors and use in competitions with other kits.Lessons include programming the IR remote control buttons to work with standard Boe-Bot® with wheels or with the add-on kits above..

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