Exploring Robotics with Electronics for Boe-Bot

Curriculum and Robots for STEM, Physical Science, Engineering, Computer Science, Coding, Mechatronics, Electronics, and Robotics programs Grades 8-10 - Middle or High School. 


Reinforce Physical Science and Math while teaching Electronics and Coding with the Boe-Bot Robot and Exploring Robotics with Electronics Curriculum.

Turn-Key, active, online, hands-on learning. 

Now any math, science, or technology teacher can teach with fun robots!   No engineering or programming experience required; just a few hours of online training with technical support available when you need it.

  • 3D models provide step by step instructions for Hands-on robot building activities.
  • Video presentations for quick comprehension of mechanics, electronics, and engineering concepts.
  • Simulation of robot with 3D CAD.
  • Flexible lesson plans with worksheets and quizzes for 18, 36, or more weeks.
  • Online lessons can be viewed on tablets or other devices.  Windows computer is required to program the robot. (This is a great use for older desktop or laptops).
  • Students work alone or in teams of 2 or 3. Students are actively engaged in lab activities with this package.  They  assemble, program, and control the  Boe-Bot robot from Parallax.com (one of the most popular educational robots in the world). 
  • Great for middle school physical science, elective courses, technical schools, after school programs, robot merit badges, job training, and entry-level course for Electronics, Engineering, Mechatronics, or Technology programs.
  • Use to teach Nature of Energy, Velocity, Force, Unbalanced force, as well as Electronics principles - circuits, flow of electricity, resistance, capacitance, light waves, sound waves, electromagnetic waves, microcontrollers and more.
  • Basic language is a great entry to text-based coding.  Teaches concepts of control, conditions, loops, variables, functions, and more with a fun robot. 


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SELF-PACED Curriculum Features:

  • 24 Video presentations with over 13 hours of exciting videos that teach about robots in real world, technology history, systems, motors, sensors, ROVs, and much more!.
  • Activities with Worksheets and Videos to accompany the Parallax Boe-Bot provide an introduction to each chapter and 3D models with step by step instructions on how to assemble the robot and place electronic components in the breadboard.
  • Code-Assist software to help students learn programming commands and avoid typing errors.
  • Videos provide electronics background information about resistors, breadboards, schematics, input and output, and power flow.

Comprehensive Curriculum Features

Easy to implement in your class....

  • Modular online lessons (50-55 minutes)
  • Student e-books (printable)
  • Worksheets for each lesson (Word docs)
  • Hands-on Project based robot activities
  • Engaging content-rich videos
  • Step by step instruction with 3D models
  • Teamwork projects
  • Quiz questions and answer keys (Word Docs)
  • Enrichment activities
  • Web links and Interactive Learning
  • 3D Animations
  • Flexible Lesson Plans and printed Teacher Guides
  • Grading Rubrics and Assessments
  • Incorporates Engineering Design into lessons
  • Career exploration videos and assignments
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Recommended - by teachers, students, and parents

  • for ages 13 and up,
  • for boyscouts robot badge,
  • for robotics clubs,
  • for applying STEM, physics, and common core math concepts,
  • for reaching technology literacy (STL) benchmarks,
  • for CTE tracks - STEM, Computer Science, Information Technology, Engineering,  and Manufacturing,
  • for SKILLS USA - Electronics, Mechatronics, and Engineering

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