Part of our promise: Excellent Teacher PD and Support

With Exploring Robotics programs, our technology-savvy instructors make sure that teachers are successful and help with the hard stuff: getting started, setting up technology, lesson plans to fit schedules, and learning coding.  We take the fear out of teaching STEM with Professional Development that fits schedules and we work with the technology staff to ensure that both teachers and students can access the online lessons and coding systems.  Our online systems don't collect student information.

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PD that Ensures Grade 6-12 STEM Teacher Success

Teachers enjoy these aspects of PD from Exploring Robotics:
  • Having fun with robots and coding and overcoming their fear of technology
  • Understanding how they can facilitate the class with the online lessons which are pre-built for student self-paced learning 
  • Technology integration with tablets, computers, and networks
  • Implementing the Exploring Robotics Curriculum 
  • Having lessons that scaffold STEM topics from easy to more complex. 
  • Assistance in creating their plan to adapt the lessons to the number of teaching hours available
  • Assuring that the instructor will check in with teachers after they have tried the robots and coding to answer any questions and assess their understanding.
  • Bolstering with follow-up support via phone, email, or video conference as needed and the continued technical support provided throughout the term.
Teaching with robots is fun

PD Options available for each course:

One-on-One Video Conference Sessions:  $500

On-Site 1.5 Hour Training Sessions (ask for quote)

On-Site Full Day (6 Hour) Training Sessions (ask for quote)

PD that Integrates STEAM with Standards Based Teaching in K-5

Grade K-5 teachers learn how to integrate robots and STEAM topics into math, ELA, and science lessons, or use them in a makerspace or library environment. 
  • Engaging students in the classrooom with fun robots, making inventions, and coding 
  • Preparing students for performance based tests with hands-on task activities that students will remember.
  • Adopting the lessons provided to teach topics such as fractions, number lines, mapping, Cartesian coordinates, energy, newton's laws, music, art, writing, and story telling. 
  • Learning to guide students utilizing an inquiry-based format built on the Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, Evaluate (5E) lesson model.
  • Encouraging students to explore STEAM through hands-on, applied technology and project-based learning (PBL).
  • Determining effectiveness with assessments aligned to NGSS, Math, and ELA standards based testing.
  • Teaching Coding and Engineering in every grade, to CSTA and ISTE standards.
  • Overcoming the fear of  technology with robots that work with tablets, Chromebooks, and laptops, with technical support provided throughout the term.


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