Dash and Dot Robots

ww authorized reseller mark rgbDash and Dot are two robots that students can use Apps to control and then program.  Dash likes to move around while Dot stays in one place until it is picked up and used to control Dash. 

  • Coding lessons introduce critical thinking, problem solving, the scientific method, algorithms, and more!

  • Use tablets or smart phone aps with drag and drop graphic interfaces to control the robots.

  • STEAM lessons are adaptable to different age groups, and expandable for teaching additional concepts.

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How Do We Use Dash and Dot for Education?

Dash & Dot are designed for grades K - 5. Teachers around the world are using Dash & Dot for a variety of STEAM subjects including computational thinking, math, science, music, reading, writing, and arts.  Students create stories and play games while learning.  The robots engage the students in learning any topic.  They are being used in classrooms, libraries, clubs, maker spaces, and homes.

Children are discovering a world of creativity, coding, and fun with Dash & Dot.

Easy to use tablet Apps allow easy control of each robot. The Apps allow the robots to make fun sounds, flash lights, change colors of lights, follow a path, and more.  Students first use the Apps and then use Blocky code to program the robot.



How are the Robots Controlled?

Students begin with the easy to use Apps to learn how to move the robot around and then progress to learning coding. 

We set a low floor but a high ceiling for coding. Blockly is a drag-and-drop programming language that snaps together like puzzle pieces. Students start by sending simple commands, then learn programming concepts, and progress to creating more complex algorithms.

There are three buttons on top of Dash and Dot that can be pressed as part of IF THEN statements which control when Dash moves, when sounds are made, when lights are flashed, etc.  Dash and Dot communicate together, so some example commands can be “When Dot hears a clap, then Dash moves forward 20 normal” or “Until Dot button 2 is pressed, then Dash turns left 40 fast and sound is Siren”.  Students use measuring and math algorithms to correlate dash movements to a particular length of centimeters or inches. 

 ipad 1

Blocky is an easy to use graphic language that fits together like puzzle pieces.

Educator Packs - for teams of 2 or 3 students

We have packages for classrooms, libraries, clubs, or maker spaces with 1, 5, 10, or 20 robots.  Our turn-key packages are configured for educators, and tested in classrooms. Everything needed for success – including curriculum with online lesson plans, teacher professional development, robots with accessories, and chargers for charging the robots. The batteries last up to 5 hours per charge, allowing use in multiple class sections.  The included boxes are great for storage. 

Kits configured for educators, and tested in classrooms
Classroom Packs include: 
 Dash Robots (drive around) 
 Dot Robots (control dash) (optional)
 Building Brick Connectors (connect to Legos) 
 Accessories Packs with Xylophone and Launcher 
 Four fun Apps for driving, story telling, learning to code, and playing music on the xylophone.
 Lesson plans, games, assessments, and fun group activities are accessed online. 
 Everything needed for success in classrooms, clubs, or makerspaces. 



Teacher Professional Development and Support

Teacher professional development and technical support is available via video conferencing and webinars.  We make sure teachers are comfortable getting started, operating the robots, downloading Apps, programming the robots, and using the lessons.   We also help to integrate the number of lessons with class schedules.Any math, science, technology teacher or media specialist can use these robots in a class, summer camp, library, or after school program, with no special credentials required.  

Contact Us to ask for a Custom Quote - special offers or discounts may be available for schools and clubs


Dash launcher



Accessories include a Xylephone, Brick connectors for connecting Legos and other blocks, Bunny Ears, A tow package, and a Bull Dozer package!

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