Exploring Robotics with Codey Rocky

A STEM Lab with Codey Rocky and Scratch Code for grades 3-6

STEM and Coding with Robots 

Create a coding with robots STEM Elective Course or teach a Unit in your Science class with this STEM Lab including Curriculum and PD.

Codey Rocky is a treasure trove of fun right out of the box, that plays music, follows light, mimics facial expressions and much more with easy coding; empowering children with the skills to turn their imagination into reality and experience the delight of their achievement. 

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Codey Rocky combines hardware with software. Children  learn while they play and create, leading them into the world of avant-garde technology with its inbuilt AI and IoT functionalities, giving them a competitive edge.

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 Teach coding, science, technology, engineering, and math with rugged robots that can be used for several years!

Programming with Block-Based Scratch Code

Harnessing the power of coding, Codey Rocky allows children to create dot matrix animations, design games and realize their own projects. By programming every move made by the robot, not only will children understand each command      intuitively, but they will also find it a rewarding experience as they apply science, math, and ELA concepts with hands-on activities and creative problem solving.

Using the latest Scratch 3.0, mBlock software features many powerful functions and promises a truckload of experience; coding is as simple as assembling building blocks – anyone who reads can learn to program.

The learning process is in a series of games of different levels, making programming full of fun while children progress through learning coding skills and meeting CSTA standards.

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codey rocky detects colors 

Engage with STEM Labs

The materials for this STEM course is turn-key STEM Lab Stations for 1 to 3 students. As part of making this easy for teachers, we have assembled everything needed:

  • STEM Station v2 smallRobot: Codey Rocky is pre-assembled and ready to use.
  • Software: Tablet App for coding to control the robot with Scratch.  Online App for Chromebook or laptop.
  • Materials: Math tools, line following tape,  art supplies and other accessories in a  storage box for each team.
  • Lessons: Color printed instructions for lesson activities.
  • Device: Tablet, Chromebook, or laptop (PC or Mac).
  • Teacher Lab Station: with all of the above, online STEM Curriculum license, printed book, lesson plans follow 5E model, assessment tools, teacher resources, battery chargers, class materials for activities, and support.

Learn More about STEM Labs

STEM Teacher Professional Development is personalized, job-embedded, classroom-focused. Includes use of robots, coding, application of STEM concepts, and customized lesson plans.  Easy to schedule with no travel. Learn More

Teacher Support is provided throughout the term to make sure teachers are comfortable with the lessons, robots, and coding.

Exploring Robotics STEM Curriculum

Teacher-led lessons follow the 5-E learning model, are in Outer Space and Game Design themes and provide over 30 hours of STEAM and coding activities with worksheets, videos, and step-by-step instructions (grades 3-6).  Activities in 15-30 minutes are flexible for classes, clubs, after-school, or camps.

  • Science: Apply the scientific method,  NGSS engineering and physical science: space systems, light and sound waves, forces and interactions, energy, structure and properties of matter.
  • Technology: Coding; Analyze problems and design algorithms, use logic and develop reasoning,  use variables, control, data analysis,  sequence, debug, troubleshoot,  understand impacts of computing: culture, social interactions.
  • Engineering:  Apply NGSS engineering design with projects involving line following, avoiding obstacles, sensors, systems.
  • Arts: Create models and drawings, create music, read non-fiction works,  follow multi-step procedures, write explanatory texts, conduct short research projects, explore STEM careers, explain events and concepts, and create presentations.
  • Math: Reason abstractly and solve multi-step real world problems, use equations, inequalities, comparisons, positive and negative rational numbers,  geometry, variables, distance, time, speed, measure, and convert measurements.

Standards aligned to NGSS CS ISTE CC

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Space Adventure Codey Rocky travels to Mars

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Videos of Codey Rocky:

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