Exploring Robotics with ChampBot

ChampBot Kit

This kit invites kids to take their STEM education skills to the court by programming robots like ChampBot, BasketBot and ScoreBot to shoot and score points – with precision. With 3 servo motors, 2 DC motors and an IR sensor, this kit is designed to bring fans to the STEM field with competitive fun and learning. It’s time to build, code and compete like a pro!

champbot includes

makeblock APP

"The alignment with NGSS supports the work that we are trying to implement, and is where we are finding the support and connection to build authentic connections to curriculum."
- Maureen Smith, K-12 Science Instructional Support Specialist at Broome Tioga BOCES


Engage with ChampBot STEM labs 

Following a 5E lesson structure, NGSS units invite students to explore science topics with an integrated STEM learning approach to reflect the interconnected nature of STEM disciplines as they are practiced in the real world. By building and programming real robots with our ChampBot robotics kit and custom app, students get a hands-on way to bring NGSS concepts to life.


Our ChampBot Curriculum:

  • Explores the engineering design process with hands-on robotics projects
  • Supports skills progression and vertical alignment across grade levels
  • Aligns to educational standards to ensure robust, high-quality content
  • Was written by experienced classroom educators and content area expert


App-based programming is fun and accessible for kids

The JIMU Robot app connects with ChampBot Kit seamlessly and makes it easy to build, program, and bring to life every JIMU Robot kit creation. The JIMU Robot system supports teachers and students to expand their robotics and STEM learning.

  • Quick access to any pre-built models included with the kit
  • Advanced 3D, 360-degree modeling system supports students through each build
  • Simple Blockly-based, drag-and-drop programming
  • Pose-Record-Play tool lets students easily program motors to create their own actions
  • Flexible functionality lets students imagine and design their own models

Download the free JIMU app

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Robot Configurations

Check out the three pre-designed robots you can build with the ChampBot kit. These are just the beginning – build these or create your own!

02 Small Gripper 109 Minion 110 Scorpion 1 sm
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