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Cubelet Mini Makers Pack

Cubelet Mini Makers Pack
Cubelet Mini Makers Pack
Brand: Modular Robotics
Product Code: CB-KT-EDUMM-1
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Cubelets Mini Makers Pack for Grades K-5

Cubelets Mini Makers Pack (for 6 teams: 6 to 12 students). 54 Cubelets: 6 Battery, 6 Distance, 6 Drive, 6 Passive, 6 Inverse, 6 Brightness, 6 Flashlight, 6 Rotate, 4 Knob, 2 Bluetooth, and 24 Brick Adapters (6 sets of 4). Plus 1 5-port Charger, 5 Charging Cables, and 2 Storage Tubs.

Cubelet Smart Blocks and Accessories for 12 to 18 students - six teams with 2 to 3 students per team. This pack is a perfect way to jump start any learning environment. It was inspired by the needs of our youngest learners and was designed with Pre-K and Kindergarten students in mind. However, you’ll find that it works great for grades K-5 in a makerspace environment - especially when combined with Legos. 


Includes 54 SENSE, THINK, and ACT Cubelets:

Sense Cubes: 6 Battery, 6 Distance, 6 Brightness, 4 Knob

Think Cubes: 6 Passive,  6 Inverse  

Action Cubes: 6 Drive,  6 Flashlight,  6 Rotate

Accessories: 2 Bluetooth, 24 Brick Adapters (6 sets of 4), 1 5-port Charger, 5 Charging Cables, 2 Storage Totes


This bundled package represents a 25% savings off of individual cube pricing. 


Read more about Cubelets.

The Bluetooth functionality allows for easy software updates and Cubelets programming activities. 


Note: This package does not include teacher curriculum or professional development, purchase separately.

Note: This set does not include Speaker, Blocker, or Bar Graph cubes, suggest adding 3 of each.

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