3D Printers for STEM and STEAM in K-12 Education

3D Printing Made Affordable!

All students need hands-on experience in creating 3D objects. 3D printers are great for engineering design projects. 3D printers are great for students who are pushing the boundaries and doing maker projects that are outside of the box. A 3D printer is useful for any class, but especially for STEAM students because they are motivated to create a complex design and print a new object to go with their invention, or alter the design of an existing object to make it fit a new model. Today they are 3D printing small objects, tomorrow they may be 3D printing large components for buildings!  

These printers are affordable enough to have one printer for every team of 3 to 5 students. Because printing an object often takes an hour or more, this allows students to complete projects. There are 3D printer models that fit elementary, middle, and high school.  Here we are showing the ones that work well for elementary and middle school.

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XYZ da Vinci Jr and Mini 3D Printers

The #1 printer for schools! With robust build sizes and a resolution as low as 100 micron, the da Vinci Jr. offers the best value in its class! No traditional calibration adjustment needed, simply adjust the gap between the extruder and the print bed by using the convenient Z-Offset function.  

Large spools of PLA filament will last for printing 100 or more small objects (2 to 3 inch size) or 30 middle sized objects (3 to 5 inches).  The filament is also affordable with most objects costing 20 cents to $1 each to print.  Some schools even use them for fundraisers!

* 5.9 x 5.9 x 5.9 in. build volume, resolution to 100 micron

* Biodegradable PLA filament with detection software to notify the user when they are running low on filament

* Auto-loading filament system, Simple Z Offset calibration

* Easy cleaning and replacement of cartridges
* Fully enclosed for safety, with easy to use controls
* File Types: .stl , XYZ Format (.3w)
* Import .obj, .ply, .amf, .das

Software to Make and Print - and it's FREE

XYZmaker is a Free 3D design tool for people new to 3D printing. It provides a range of tools & model libraries that enable you quickly and easily build 3D models. With online step-by-step tutorials, 3D modeling has never been easier. Start learning and explore the 3D world today.  

There are thousands of objects in the online libraries that students can start from and modify: including objects for biology, chemistry, and life sciences as well as for engineering and physical sciences.

Students can also print drawings made from Sketchup, TinkerCad, and many other CAD tools that save to .obj, .ply, .amf, .das file formats.

XYZmaker provides advanced functions, such as Standard geometry, Copy by array, and Subdivision, for professional users to simplify the process of building models.

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Use the XYZprinting Gallery, where there are thousands of 3D models available for free, to make designing easier than ever before. You can find almost everything there, from office appliances to computer peripherals.  



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