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ARX Asuro Electronics Toolkit

ARX Asuro Electronics Toolkit
ARX Asuro Electronics Toolkit ARX Asuro Electronics Toolkit ARX Asuro Electronics Toolkit
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ER ASURO Electronic Toolkit 

Includes all the tools needed to assemble and solder the ARX ASURO Robot.  The breadboard kit and multi-meter are used during the prototype stage where all the parts are tested and students learn how the sub-assemblies work.  The hand tools, soldering iron, and multi-meter are used during assembly and soldering of the robot.

These essential tools are great for any student who is beginning an electronics program or for the tinkerer or maker who is creating electronic circuits and assemblies.

Breadboard kit includes:

 Solderless Breadboard
 Red and Black (or other colors) wires - separate pieces of various lengths. Or spools of wire and a wire stripping tool
 Red and Black Alligator clips
 8 push buttons (for use in breadboards)
 1 Mini Indicator Lamp (6.3 Volt - 0.2 Amp - T1.75 Bulb )

Electronics Toolkit includes:

 Safety glasses
 A “third hand“ with magnifying glass to hold circuit board and see small parts and holder for soldering iron
 Magnifying glass (if not included with third hand)
 Short nose Pliers or Diagonal Cutters for electronic cable work
 Needle nose Pliers for electronic cable work
 Soldering iron for electronic work (approx. 20-30 W) or a soldering station
 Sponge for soldering iron
 Solderwire (1 mm) for electronic work, optionally lead-free
 Desoldering wick (2-3 mm width), just in case solder has to be removed
 Small Hand saw (to cut ping pong ball)
 Stanley-Knife (xacto)
 Sandpaper (for fine work, Nr. 240)
 Glue (either superglue or a hot glue pistol)
 Reamer tool (assists with removing solder)

Note: Does NOT include robot - purchase separately

Purchase this package once and use it for many classes over several years. 

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