Exploring Robotics with the ARX ASURO Robot

STEM/CTE Curriculum for Robotics, Electronics, and C Programming FOR GRADES 8-14

Provide students the next step in robotics and electronics with hands-on robot building and PCB soldering activities. Great for computer lab, classroom, self-study, or distance learning!


  • Build a Fast robot from a kit that follows lines, runs mazes, 

  • 3D CAD models provide easy to follow step by step instructions.

  • Turnkey—Science, math, and technology teachers can teach this curriculum with just a few hours of online training.  Everything needed is included.  No prior experience in engineering or programming required.

  • Engaging videos present robotics, engineering, and C programming concepts and provide real-world examples.

  • Flexible lesson plans for 9, 18, or 36 weeks.

  • Projects, fun competitions, and labs with worksheets to turn in for assessment.

  • For STEM Programs: Provides foundational skills and encourages students to pursue careers in Electronics, Engineering, Computer Science, or Robotics.

  • For physics classes, after school programs, camps, and robotics labs - send students home with an affordable robot.  Students learn soldering and programming with this robot. 


Students will:

  • Build a Very FAST and fun robot (Global Specialties ARX ASURO) from a kit and learn digital electronics, applied physics, the engineering process, troubleshooting and other technical concepts.

  • Build a prototype to test electronic parts using a solderless breadboard, then solder components onto a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) and then test and troubleshoot the operation of the robot.

  • Program the robot with C language to move around a room, avoid obstacles, follow a line, follow a course using dead reckoning, and navigate a maze. Provide students the next step in robotics and electronics with hands-on robot building and PCB soldering activities. Great for computer lab, classroom, self-study, or distance learning!

  • Use 3D CAD Sketchup models to view ther robot and easy to follow step by step instructions.


STEM / CTE - Work Ready and Certification Skills

Students work alone or in teams of 3 or 4, apply science and math knowledge and learn:

Applied Physics concepts:
·  Electric current, magnetism, electrostatics, and electromagnetic induction
·  Properties of light, reflection, light waves, and data transmitted with infrared waves
·  Force, friction, mass and weight, momentum, heat, temperature, and energy

·  Linear motion, rotational motion, torque, and acceleration

Engineering / Mechatronics skills:
·  Engineering process – design, prototype, test, and finished assembly process.
·  Critical thinking, troubleshooting, and prototyping
·  Robotics, microcontrollers, motors, gears, torque, gear reduction

Electronics skills:
·  Electronic Symbols and reading Schematic Diagrams
·  Printed Circuit Board and Solder-less breadboard
·  Soldering and Troubleshooting solders
·  Multi-meter use, reading voltage, resistance, and capacitance
·  DC Power and batteries, and voltage dividers
·  Electrical and electronic circuits with microcontroller
·  Ohms law and Kirchhoff’s law
·  Series circuits, parallel circuits, and series-parallel circuits
·  Diodes, transistors, capacitors, phototransistors, and other components
·  Logic Gates – AND, OR, NOR

Computer Science / Programming skills:
·  Creating and compiling a C program and debugging programs
·  Using functions and including function libraries
·  Inputs and outputs with microcontroller ports
·  Variables and Memory Usage
·  Number Systems – Binary, ASCII, Hexadecimal, alphanumeric
·  Conditions, Loops, Pointers, Vectors, and other C language concepts


Recommended - by teachers, students, and parents

  • for ages 13 and up,

  • for robotics and engineering clubs,

  • for applying STEM, physics, and common core math concepts,

  • for reaching technology literacy (STL) benchmarks,

  • for Career Tech Ed - STEM, Information Technology, Engineering,  and C Programming,

  • for SKILLS USA - Electronics, Mechatronics, Engineering, and C Programming


Curriculum Components

  • 36 Lessons + 5 competitions

  • Lesson Plans for terms or semesters

  • Grading rubrics and quiz answer keys

  • Each Lesson is self-study:·  50 to 55 min. of reading, videos, and hands-on lab work.·  Videos and written instructions·  Activity Worksheets (word docs)·  Quiz questions·  Diagrams and 3D Drawings·  Electronics and Programming CTE standards·  Common Core Math, Science, and Technology standards


Comprehensive Curriculum is Easy to implement in your class....

  • Modular online lessons (50-55 minutes)

  • Student e-books (printable)

  • Worksheets for each lesson (Word docs)

  • Hands-on Project based robot activities

  • Engaging content-rich videos

  • Step by step instruction with 3D models

  • Teamwork projects

  • Quiz questions and answer keys (Word Docs)

  • Enrichment activities

  • Web links and Interactive Learning

  • Simulations and Animations

  • Flexible Lesson Plans and printed Teacher Guides

  • Grading Rubrics and Assessments

  • Incorporates Engineering Design into lessons

  • Career exploration videos and assignments


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Send students home with a FAST Robot they have assembled, soldered, and programmed!  



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