Elementary Robotics Curriculum for Dash and Dot


ww authorized reseller mark rgbThese robots are so cute, yet rugged! Students love them. They move, wink, flash lights, and make fun noises (dinosaur, pig, siren, etc.) They have microphones for detecting sounds such as a hand clap and speakers for playing sounds. Students program Dash and Dot to control their movements using Blocky, a programming language that is similar to scratch and snaps together like puzzle pieces.

Students start with simple commands to their robot, like turning right, or turning left, or moving forwards or back-wards. They then add in making noises at events such as when you pick them up, or when they reach a destination. Dash can go in circles or around sharp corners, or be on the lookout for approaching obstacles as it navigates a maze.

Dash & Dot are even more fun with add-on accessories. Play a song on Dash’s Xylophone, take videos using the smartphone mount, and add bricks (including LEGO) to them with Building Brick Connectors. Transforming Dash & Dot is easy with accessories and a dose of creativity.




Dash-Dot Classroom Packages

Packages for classrooms, libraries, clubs, or maker spaces with 1, 5, 10, or 20 robots. Our turn-key packages are configured for educators, and tested in classrooms. Everything needed for success – including curriculum with online lesson plans, teacher professional development, on-going support, robots with accessories, and chargers for charging the robots.

The batteries last up to 4 hours per charge, allowing use in multiple class sections. The included boxes are great for storage.

Curriculum with online lessons (20 to 40 minutes each), include printable handouts, material lists, correlation to common core standards, presentations, videos, web links, and assessments.

We provide teacher professional development and support via video conferencing and webinars. We make sure teacher are comfortable getting started, operating the robots, downloading Apps, programming the robots, and using the lessons.   We also help to integrate lessons with existing class schedules and timeframes.

3dbook DashDot

Curriculum Package with online Lessons and teacher professional development

STEAM Lessons

Lessons teach coding concepts using a Graphic programming language—Blocky Code. Lessons also integrate math and science with coding to move the robot, and language arts to describe projects, dress up robots, and play music!

Science: Learn about the scientific method, sound waves, light color spectrum, and mimic animal behaviors.

Technology—Coding: Analyze problems and design algo-rithms to program robot actions and reactions using Blocky, a visual drag-and-drop coding tool.

Engineering: Navigate mazes, knock down objects, and explore engineering principles. Integrates with LEGOs to build add-ons such as a pen to draw, a bulldozer , and many other creative components

Arts: Explore storytelling, drawing, music, costumes, and create presentations.

Math: Explore concepts like the number line, geometry, angles, diameter, distance, time, measuring and variables.

Dash Dot Robot Lessons

More than 40 hours of online lessons are included, broken out into 4 sections which progress from easy to more difficult for coding, and provide fun competitions.

  • Section 1 is for use with tablet Apps to get students comfortable with Dash and Dot and for students below 3rd Grade.
  • Section 2 begins teaching Blockly code and reinforce STEAM concepts.
  • Section 3 teaches more advanced Blockly code and reinforce physical science and engineering concepts.
  • Section 4 puts into practice what was learned in the other sections with fun games and challenges.

 Click Samples below for a preview of the lessons.

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Blocky Code fits together like puzzle pieces.


dashdotrobotcurriculum 2017

Accessories include Ball Launcher and bunny ears.


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